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Casey Craiger is a children’s author from Danville, Kentucky, who now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. She loves her family, coffee, plants, Halloween, and her cats Java and Socks.


She has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media from Eastern Kentucky University and has a special place in her heart for community journalism. Previous places she has written for include The Advocate-Messenger, Richmond Register, and Lexington Herald-Leader.

As a kid, Casey watched far too much Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. As an adult, she aims to present hard topics in a way that is consumable for children, much like her childhood role model. She hopes her first children’s book, Be Like Socks!, serves as a catalyst for conversations surrounding mental health between children and their loved ones.


Socks is a two-year-old tuxedo cat from Fremont, Ohio. He is intelligent, vocal, and playful. His favorite food is salmon and his favorite color is blue. Socks’ favorite toy is a small blue mouse that he carries around with him and his favorite pastime is playing with his brother.

Java is a two-year old tabby cat from Fremont, Ohio. He is social, friendly, and cuddly. His favorite food is whitefish and his favorite color is orange. Java’s favorite toy is any that makes sound or has feathers. His favorite pastime is watching cartoons with Socks.

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